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MINI card camera/TF card camera/MINI card monitoring camera/TF card Smart Memory camera
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          Smart Memory camera is a new-style security and protection product integrated functions of video camera, camera and warning facility. It is an ideal choose for the users with small size, powerful function, reasonable price and it is easy to install and operate.

    This product is suitable to install different places, such as villas, dwelling houses, stores, hotels, small-markets, convenient stores, chain-stores, storehouse, offices, financial affair offices, mobile stations, etc.

    We assure that our product has no phenomenon of deadlocks, store or cover failure on the core function.




    .Product image





    .Product functionParameter

    Video Input Format


    Capture Function

    Local storage/Loop Capture



    36 LED Lamps;The infrared ray cancover 30 meters.

    Capture Mode

    Motion Detect record,Continuous Record, Detector Alarming Record Alarming.

    Control Mode

    Telecontroller  Spacious Distance 500m



    Menu Display Language


    Support(Storage Medium)

    TF Card(Support 16GB)


    DC 12V(>500MA)




    .Operating Manual of Capture Mode and the Telecontroller

    The main feature of SMC is that it has three capture mode. The below is :

    1、 Motion RecordMR

    When the target pictures change, the recorded function will be initiated automatically until the target pictures stop moving.

    press the button “A” on the telecontroller, then enter the motion record mode, “MR ”appears on the lower-left corner.

    2、Continuous RecordCR

    It can record automatically whether the pictures captured changed or not. It is suit particularly to the important occasions.

    Press the button “B” on the telecontroller, then enter the continuous record mode, “CR ”appears on the lower-left corner.

    3、Alarming RecordAR

    Wireless Magnetic door detector in the basic configuration is the outlay detector. When function of the detector protection are initiated, it will record continuously and the external alarming will sound for 30 seconds every time it is triggered; otherwise, once being triggered, the internal alarming Warner sounds two times every five seconds (stop the alarming by pressing the Telecontroller) to serve as a remind.

    Press the button “C” on the telecontroller, the external detector enter the protection mode. “ AR” will appear on the lower-left corner.

    4、Cancel all the functions

    In this mode, it can only do real time monitoringit equals to an IR CAMERA

    Press the button “D” on the telecontroller to enter the standby mode; “ S” appears on lower-left cornerwhen there is sounding of external speaker, if you want to stop the operation, you can press this button.




    .Specification of the Indicators

    Three-Color indicators of red, green and blue on the mainframe, and their functions are listed as below:

    1.  Red indicator is the written indicator. The indicator will light when taking photos and record

    them into TF card. The indicator goes out when the writing is finished.

    2Green indicator is the power indicator. When the camera power is on, the green indicator will start to flick, when no card or formatting of new card it will be quick flashing status..

    3Blue indicator shows modes of taking pictures. Slow flick indicates the motion detect record,  quick flick indicates the continuous record, and normally on indicates the detector alarming record.


    .System Time Setting

    1.Take out the TF card, insert it into the card reader, and then plug the card reader into the computer.

    2.Be sure system time of the computer is correct.

    3.Open the browse software affiliated with the video camera, click "other functions" and "time synchronization" on the upper-left corner, then the window of "time synchronization" appears, choose the disk of TF card, then synchronize the time.

    4.Delete the hardware safely in accordance with windows suggestion.

    5.Take out the card reader from the computer and then pull out the TF card. Insert the TF card into the video camera again.

    6.Power on, the system time is modified automatically.


    .Usage Method of New TF Card



    1.For the first useyou'd better insert TF Card into computer to format it.See above figure)。


    2.Insert TF card (as show in the above figure) into the mainframe.


                                                        Figure 1                                    Figure 2


    3.Power up the camera, the mainframe will format the TF Card automatically, refer to Figure 1. The below shows SD: Format Disc. Should format successful, refer to Figure 2, the left-upper corner shows SD: OK and the camera can operate smoothly. Should the format failed, No indication of SD: OK on the upper-left of the figure, which means the TF card can not support SPI interface. It needs to change the Card. Until now, most of TF card can support this interface.


    4.If the system time is not correct, modify the system time by referring to " steps of modifying the system time"


    VII. Adjustment of Product Window

           Omnibearing adjustment is available on this product in the three-dimensional space; see  picture:



    VIII. Use of Browsing Software

             Recorded contents can be played in the computer; however, it needs the support from the browsing software (with CD)developed by our company. For the use methods of browsing software please refer to Product Instructions indicated in the CD.

    Web:      Mobile:86-13802565687





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