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High-quality glucoamylase from Wuxi Green Year Union Works Co.,Ltd
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    Product brand: wuxigreenyear
    Product specifications : high-quality enzyme
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    We Supply Enzyme like:
    1. Glucoamylase
    2. Medium temperature alpha-Amylase
    3. Thermostable alpha-amylase
    4. Acid Protease
    5. Neutral Protease
    6. Alkaline Protease
    7.Special enzyme for desizing
    8. Yeast

    Wuxi Green Year Union Works Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise with an integration of research&development, producing and trading.We are committed to providing the best value for cost-effective, and seek in (the) country agents. Our prices are far lower than the Novozyme and Genencor, the quality is exactly the same.Hope that long-term cooperation with you.

    Please write to me"greenyear06 wxgreenyear com".
    Welcome to visit our website "www wxgreenyear com"

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