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Title: Supply HDI circuits board, high layer PCB, Printed circuits board, China PCB manufacturer
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Date: 11-20-2012
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What we can do: - 1 to 30-layer FR-4 PCBs with HDI, and metal core PCBs such as Aluminum based PCBs, Copper based PCBs and Iron based PCBs etc.; - - Production of Prototypes, High-mix, Medium or Low-volume orders with IPC standards. Why choose us: - Premium and professional fabrication services with over 12 years' export experience, and we do understand what quality requirements our customers need; - Much more competitive pricing than local market in China and Hong Kong with quality guaranteed; - Short lead time, we can also support quick turn job if needed; - Perfect quality and eco systems such as ISO9001-2008, ISO14001-2004, UL certified, and SPC system, etc.; - Do not have Min. Order Quantity, even 1 piece is workable. Should you have any query, please feel free to contact us. Best Wishes! Jacky Lee KINGFORD PCB ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD Tel: 0086-755-3690-5133 Mob:0086-189-9893-9526 Fax: 0086-755-2954-1190 E-mail: Backup box: URL:Http:// PCB Expert with UL & ISO14001 & ISO9001