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Title: Oil vehicle
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Date: 11-26-2012
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Use and maintenance of the oil vehicle An oil vehicle at startup, should be careful not to make the oil pump reversal, so as not to cause the oil pump shaft seal blowing cause inhaled air. Lvyou car in the process, the oil pump may be inhaled air, affecting the pump flow should open the exhaust valve in a timely manner, in order to achieve the rated flow of oil vehicle, as well as to ensure the normal work of the fine filter cartridge in the air in order to drain the (ie, the exhaust valve oil), drained the air close the exhaust valve in a timely manner. 3, the oil vehicle use after a period of time, as a result of pollutants severely clogged the coarse filter surface leaving Suction poor, causing excessive noise, oil pump should be shut down to remove the filter cartridge cleaning. Fine filter in use for some time, susceptible to pollutants gradually clogged, causing the cartridge pressure rise, the need for timely replacement of the fine filter when the pressure reaches 0.4MPa. 5, the use of oil-absorbing, oil hose should always be kept clean. 6, if the oil vehicle can not spare the oil, check identified: a steering oil pump is correct; b, the various parts of the fuel tank to the suction port seal is reliable, whether the suction port to leave after sucking oil or oil; c strainers filter is clogged. 7,