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Title: Aluminum Housed Wirewound Resistor supply
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Date: 08-17-2012
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ZENITHSUN series including ASZ(trapezium shape),ASC (ship shape)and ASCB(ultrathin shape),the mould can get more than 20 species to let resistors suit for environment installa- tion and application.ASZ successfully applied for the national patent .Aluminum resistor is also called braking resistor or charge resistor or bleeder resistor or current-limited resistor or ageing resistor or load resistor.Resistance to shock,strength power ,fast dissipation heat ,high stability,long life.Aluminum resistor is one of core products of ZENITHSUN. Construction: 1.An aluminum encased consists of an alloy metal coil-type resistance element assembled into an aluminum enclosure. 2.Following high-temperature anodization, the enclosure is filled with a specialnon-flammable cement paste and after hardening. Insulation is applied through a high temperature process. 3.Since this component is embedded in the heat-proof cement, it is not affected by external mechanical force, and dusty environments. Features: 1.Durable, vibration-proof, dissipates heat well and low temperature coefficient with resistance varying in direct proportion. 2.ASZ series successfully applied for national patent (ZL2004300866567) 3.Specification:80W60R,80W100R,80W20R,100W20R,100W100R,120W68R,150W20R,200W20R,200W200R,300W20R, 300W150R,300W200R,400W150R,400W20R,500W100R,500W20R,800W75R,1040W50R,1040W75R ect.